Available now: Turn the tide, birds around the North Sea

Turn the tide: photobook, hardcover, 240 pages, bilingual: English and Dutch. 

Publisher: KNNV publishers.

Available from NHBS and KNNV

You can also order your copy from Sijmen Hendriks



Available now:

Birds in wetland Holland.

ebook, 181 pages, 7,99 euro

Get your copy from iBooks or buy the pdf (android/windows).


“Birds in wetland Holland” shows the birds and landscapes of Wetland Holland. Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt drain through the wetlands of the Low Countries into the North Sea. The waters of rivers and sea determine the image of a large part of the Netherlands. And where there is water, there are birds. Many birds. Breeding, wintering or migrating. 

Many regions of the north and west of the Netherlands, the low part of an allready very low and flat country, feature in this book: the islands of Texel and Terschelling in the Wadden Sea, Lauwersmeer National Park, the Rhine estuary, the IJsselmeer, the Oosterschelde National Park and more. 

“Birds in wetland Holland” is a photobook by Dutch photographer Sijmen Hendriks.





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